It’s the ultimate goal – having a perfected and automated follow-up system, for every occasion, integrated into your CRM that you can easily set and forget to your clients and properties. This level of systemisation is the key to success in real estate, a critical part of becoming a household name in your area, and keeping the listing pipeline full.

However, creating a system complete with email / SMS templates, letters and action plans can take months (if not years) of hard work and experience to create and perfect. It’s a necessary part of success, but it can be overwhelming for many agents, and understandably so.

Knowing how important it is for agents to be systemised, we decided to create a system that not only contains the very best, battle-tested systems from some of the real estate’s best, but could also be installed in a singe click.

LockedOn Packs include battled-tested templates and action plans for every occasion (14 action plans, 37 email templates, 69 letter templates and 39 SMS templates) – and it’s ready to use in a single click.

Working closely with Aaron Shiner (one of Australia & New Zealand’s most in-demand real estate coaches), we have assembled the industry’s best templates, SMS’s, emails, letters and action plans – and in one click, it’s all installed and ready to go. You can customise and design them further if needed, to suit your way of doing business.

The Pack’s cover all aspects of the real estate lifecycle – from meeting a potential seller, the appraisal and listing process, right through to settlement. We all know that consistent, systemised communication is key to any real estate career – and Packs ensure no contact ever falls through the cracks.

Imagine the following:
  • Your day-to-day follow-up being completely systemised and automated
  • Becoming a listing magnet – your phone lighting up with appraisal appointments
  • Installing over 40 years of proven real estate experience in a single click

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