Automate actions based on events

LockedOn can automatically complete processes based on events – completing a task or a follow-up plan for you, depending on the event. It’s like having a team of PA’s working with you, taking care of the little things every day.

Automated enquiry responses

LockedOn can set an action plan to commence when new enquiries arrive from your properties – so your buyers know you are onto it right away.

Post OFI automation

Send a personalised, post-OFI SMS and email to all your attendees – all done for you. LockedOn merges, creates and sends messages after your open home, individualised for every visitor.

Say happy birthday – automatically

LockedOn’s powerful birthday trigger can send a personalised SMS and email to your clients on their birthday – meaning you never miss an opportunity to connect with your database on this important day.

Weekly newsletters

The Trigger system can automatically compile and send your weekly open home email to your database, just set up the template and LockedOn will merge and send every week for you.

Fully customisable

All the Trigger steps and templates can be customised and extended to suit your needs – so if you need to add another automated step such as a task, email or more, or tweak the template to suit your needs, it’s easy done.

Automate your agency with Triggers.

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Automate your agency with Triggers.

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