The humble QR code has seen a resurgence in 2020, with businesses everywhere embracing this technology to allow visitors to register their details, while requiring zero-contact to do so. No doubt you’ve used this at some point in the last few months – and in general, the public knows all about self check-in using their phones and have come to expect this wherever they go.

LockedOn’s QR code check-in brings this technology to your open homes – allowing attendees to easily register their details and feedback by scanning a unique QR code at your OFI’s.

Self check-in – how it works

Every listing in LockedOn has a pre-configured printable brochure featuring a unique QR code, as well as an online view which you can display on an iPad at your opens. All you need to do is print this brochure (or set it up on your iPad), display at your open home, and you’re good to go. Your visitors can then scan the QR code on their phones to begin the process.

The self-registration process

Once the code has been scanned, attendees are taken to a short, simple and easy to use check-in form in their phone browser, where they can register their details. Once complete, these details are dup-checked and automatically synced with your LockedOn account, along with their arrival time.

Check out and feedback

Once the attendee has completed the open home, they are prompted to complete the check-out survey which allows you to gather interest levels and feedback. If they don’t complete this survey, they can be automatically prompted by SMS or email to complete this at a later time.

As with many LockedOn features, QR code check-in links with the Trigger system – allowing you to build powerful, automated workflows such as SMS and email confirmations, reminders, tasks and more.

Contactless check-in has many advantages. Along with the public health benefits from limiting contact, you will have the opportunity to easily gather feedback as well as automate follow-up with your attendees. As a now-widely accepted method of registration, this is the new way forward for OFI’s.

This feature is being rolled out to selected accounts now and will be available to all users early next month. List and sell!

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