With contactless OFI check-in now the industry standard in a post-COVID world, it’s vital to have the right technology in place to ensure a smooth, automated open home – with all the features and information you need in one place.

We’re excited to announce our latest mobile feature – LockedOn’s new QR check-in administration, which has been designed from the ground up with contactless OFI in mind. Using the LockedOn app, agents can easily view, update and send important information to OFI attendees in real-time – and with automated follow-up via the Triggers system, your real estate software platform is doing all the hard work for you.

The LockedOn platform features a full end-to-end OFI solution from attendee check-in, to automated follow-up, right up to vendor reporting via the Vendor Portal. Here’s how it works.

The check-in process

Visitors can check-in via the QR code presented at your open home (this is available as a printable PDF for each property, via an online kiosk mode, or within the app). Your attendees simply scan the code with their device to register their details.

Behind the scenes, LockedOn is matching your attendees to any existing clients in your system or creating new clients as needed. You can also manually add attendees within the app, which will be processed with the same client matching system.

View, update and send contracts to your attendees – in seconds

The QR Admin gives an up-to-date list of attendees, as well as view any feedback they have provided via the check-out workflow on their device – such as price range, inspection notes and more. You can then view as well as update this feedback and add any private or vendor notes as needed.

If an attendee would like a contract and other property documents, all you need to do is press the Send Documents button in the app. In one press, this will create and send a dynamic email behind the scenes, with all the necessary documents attached. It will also update their client activity as needed.

Prepare your property to send documents

Setting up your property to send documents is easy. Just go to the Documents tab for your listing, click the arrow next to any uploaded documents and click the Flag Contract button. This will flag the document to be attached to the Send documents email.

Automated follow-up with Triggers

The LockedOn platform features a powerful suite of automated follow-up plans, which activate based on specific actions – such as a new open home attendee.

The Triggers system can automatically activate for every attendee, sending them a thank you SMS after 30 minutes, as well as an email with property information. You can modify and add to these triggers to suit your needs.

Reporting back to your seller with Vendor Portal

All feedback and notes collected at your OFI’s can be presented to your vendor via the Vendor Portal – a 24/7 reporting platform that allows your vendor to view updates, feedback and more in real-time.

The QR admin update is available now on the App Store and Google Play. List and sell!

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