A powerful real estate CRM platform allows you to automate many key aspects of your business – from nurturing past and present buyers and sellers, updating your database, completing follow-ups and much more, saving you hours every week and completing thousands of tasks automatically.

The “little tasks” in real estate can be the tricky ones to complete, and if you want to keep on top of it all it can be very time-consuming. For those reasons, many agents simply don’t make the effort to complete them consistently, meaning important opportunities to connect with clients fall by the wayside.

With automation however, these day-to-day touchpoints are all done for you – not only saving you hours every week, but also presenting you as the technology agent – a systemised and astute real estate professional that current and future sellers will want to work alongside to sell their homes. It’s like having a team of PA’s working for you, taking care of the little things automatically, every day.

The concept of automating your important touchpoints can be a bit daunting at first. However, setting up automation is much easier than you think, and once enabled, your CRM can automatically complete thousands of tasks per week, all in the background, so you can focus on listing and selling.

Below are some of the key automations that are a must-have for your agency, what they can do for your business, and how you can deploy these into your agency right away.

Automated enquiry responses

Making a great first impression is everything, and sending an instant response to portal enquiries provides your buyers with an exceptional first impression. Instant replies can be completed by LockedOn to everyone who enquires about a property online, sending them an SMS and follow-up email with details on the listing.

Post inspection follow-up

A quick SMS and email following an open home is another important touchpoint and a great way to impress both buyers and sellers. LockedOn can automatically send a personalised message half an hour following the open home, all merged and completed for you behind the scenes. We all know that today’s buyers are tomorrow’s sellers, and this point of difference will help put you in front of your competition at your next listing appointment.

Buyer criteria updates

Every agent knows that keeping buyer information up-to-date takes a lot of effort. Using LockedOn’s triggers that are linked directly to the buyer portal feature, LockedOn will automatically send an email every 3 months to your buyers asking them to review their information via an online portal – again, all done behind the scenes. Your buyers complete a quick and easy online form, and boom – their buyer criteria is updated. We call it buyer self-qualification, and it’s a game changer.

Open home reminders

The day before your open homes, LockedOn can automatically send an email to everyone who enquired on the property (the system omits those who have already inspected), reminding them the open home is scheduled for tomorrow. This gives you a crucial extra touchpoint with your buyers.


Birthdays are a very special day on anyone’s calendar, and reaching out to your clients on their birthdays will help you forge a strong relationship. LockedOn can send a personalised email & SMS to your clients on their birthday, all done for you with automation.

Sale and appraisal anniversaries

As we know, key dates for all properties toon your calendar are sale and appraisal anniversaries. LockedOn’s daily tasks and action plans feature (we call it DNA) is also automated – so you can create and set action plans that send emails and SMS’s every day, all done for you. LockedOn can also merge and prepare your letters and schedule calls or other tasks to complete.

Customise your automations

LockedOn comes pre-loaded with battle-tested templates and action plans. But if you’re looking to dive in and personalise these plans to suit your business, you can customise and extend these as much as you need, using our template and schedule editors as well as our expansive personalisation/merge engine.

How to enable automation for your agency in LockedOn

LockedOn comes with all these automation tools above (and more) available right now – and they can be up and running within minutes. You can customize these automations to suit your needs, such as tweaking the templates, add extra steps, or change up when actions are completed.

We’d love the opportunity to give you a one-on-one demo of the LockedOn platform and how it can transform your real estate career. If you would to book a demo, click here to get started (and see our automation in action). Automation is just one aspect of what LockedOn can do – make sure to check out our full list of features. List and sell!

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