Maintaining a healthy and up-to-date buyer database is a challenge. With shifting requirements across a database of hundreds (if not thousands) of clients, as well as gaps in data collection that would take forever to update and qualify, for many agents, it’s a hurdle that just seems too big to leap.

As we’ve said for years, your database is your most valuable tool. When you are sitting at your next listing presentation, knowing that you have a fully tuned, accurate and up-to-date buyer database will give you and your sellers high confidence that you can achieve the results they are after.

Calling every single one of these buyers regularly to update their criteria isn’t an option, and neither is just sending a bulk email asking them to “email me back” about what they are looking for. But with LockedOn’s latest game-changing feature, buyer management will change forever.

Self-qualification with Buyer Portal

The LockedOn Buyer Portal allows your buyers to update their criteria in real-time, using a beautiful, step-by-step workflow (all branded to your agency) that makes buyer qualification a snap. All you need to do is email a link to the online portal to your buyer database, and your buyers are presented with a personalised workflow that looks and works great on any device (check out our webinar replay).

Once their criteria is confirmed, LockedOn will automatically send them an email with their matching properties and notify you that a buyer has updated their information.

The Buyer Portal is linked to LockedOn’s powerful Trigger system, which will automatically contact your buyer database at regular intervals (that you can configure) and remind them to confirm their criteria and allow them to easily update their settings if needed.

As we all know, today’s buyers are tomorrows sellers. Being the technology agent gives you the edge at any listing presentation, and with your buyers using these amazing tools, you are demonstrating that you have the best tools as well as the most accurate buyer database in your area.

With super easy-to-use workflows and well as powerful (and automated) reminders, LockedOn’s Buyer Portal helps to keep your buyer database up-to-date for years to come. With the right technology, you can automatically build and maintain a database that many agents can only dream of.

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