LockedOn is all about providing technology that provides a smooth, fast and easy open home experience, with automated follow-up that provides a great first impression for buyers and potential sellers.

The LockedOn platform offers several ways to do this, including self check-in via QR code or using our mobile app workflow – but sometimes providing a check-in service using an iPad kiosk fits the bill just right.

So much so, we’ve revamped our open home kiosk – allowing your visitors to quickly and easily check in using your iPad via our brand-new workflow. Let’s take a look!

The new LockedOn kiosk mode

Your visitors are presented with a simple check-in screen which allows them to enter their details including name, email and mobile phone number. Once this information has been entered, they are presented with a beautiful animated success screen confirming their check-in, which automatically resets the workflow after 10 seconds, ready for the next visitor.

All visitors are then processed through our de-duplication system and added to the property activity section. LockedOn’s triggers and automation take care of the post-OFI follow-up for you.

Branded with your agency logo and colours, LockedOn’s redesigned kiosk provides a very simple, easy-to-use workflow that has been specially designed for iPad devices but also works great on laptops or phones as well.

Launching the kiosk

Setting up the kiosk takes seconds – just go to the Marketing > Opens tab in your listing, and launch the kiosk. Easy!

The kiosk feature is now available within all LockedOn accounts. If you would like a one-on-one demo of the OFI kiosk, and the many other features LockedOn has to offer, please reach out to us to get started. List and sell!

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