The team at LockedOn have made handling web enquiries a snap – and it takes care of the entire process for you. LockedOn features a seamless and fully automated workflow for lead capture, processing and follow-up that works with major Australian and New Zealand real estate portals – including and TradeMe.

In this article, we are going to focus on the two major New Zealand portals – and show you how to set up enquiry processing in just a few minutes. We’ve also created some help videos on this feature – check out this video for TradeMe setup, and this video for

Linking your account to and TradeMe

In the Engine section of LockedOn, there is an Integrations tab – from here you can set up your TradeMe integration, and copy the required information for you to enter into your account. Once this stage is complete, you can then configure your listings to process leads.

Configure your listings

Once you have linked your portal accounts, you will need to match your website portal ID’s to your listing in LockedOn. All you need to do is copy the ID’s from the respective portals and paste them into the External ID’s section of your listing in LockedOn. Then you’re ready to start processing leads!

Processing your incoming leads

When your portal accounts are linked and your listings configured, any new web leads will appear in the Enquiries section of LockedOn. You can either process these leads manually, or set your leads to automatically process – which will dup-check each lead for you and create or update your Clients area as necessary.

Automate your follow-up with Triggers

With the LockedOn Triggers system, you can set in motion a fully automated follow-up plan which will commence the moment a lead arrives in your LockedOn account. We have a pre-built trigger and action plan in every LockedOn account which you can enable in the Engine section, and is customisable to suit your requirements.

This pre-made plan features an automated email that will send immediately after a new lead is received, with a short introduction message as well as a summary of details for the listing they enquired about. Talk about becoming the technology agent! If you have any questions about the lead processing feature in LockedOn, feel free to reach out to the Support Team at . List and sell!

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