To put this in perspective, last year alone we made over 2100 “code commits” (i.e. upgrades) to our live platform. That’s a big commitment – pun intended – and doesn’t include some of our top-secret projects that we have in the works right now.

Along with the daily improvements that we roll out to the platform – everything from speed upgrades to new features – the team has been working hard to roll out some top-tier features that are a huge leap forward for the real estate industry.

Here is a recap of some of the latest features we’ve released over the past few months – with many more coming in 2024. Let’s go!

Change log upgrades

Need to find out who changed the OFI times on a property, deleted data from a listing, or changed the contact details of a client? The change log keeps a full history of property and client data changes – including what was added, removed or changed (including a before and after snapshot), as well as the user who made the change and their IP address.

Powered by LockedOn’s unique architecture and immutable database platform, the change log tracks all critical areas of data within properties and clients. This feature is available to all administer level users.

All-new properties side menu

We recently completed a full revamp of our property side menu, including an all-new design giving agents an improved at-a-glance overview of key property details, as well as and quick links to dive into relevant areas of the system as needed.

All-new Documents section

The all-new Documents section displays all your property documents in a familiar folder structure, allowing you to view and sort your documents much more easily – as well as see which files are linked to specific visibility settings, such as visible on vendor reports or included in your contract sending process.  You can also select multiple files for download in a single ZIP file.

Multiple sales advice management

For agencies that handle multiple buyers at the sales advice level, the all-new sales advice section gives you much greater flexibility to manage buyers and create key documents for each party. This upgrade also flows down to the merging engine level – allowing you to select which party you are corresponding with at the time then merge and send, making the whole process seamless for your team.

Our 2024 roadmap

Our roadmap for 2024 is our most exciting to date – with some of our biggest features and improvements planned for release since the launch of LockedOn. We don’t want to give away too much, but it’s safe to say this will be our biggest year of development ever. Here’s to a big year ahead!

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