Supporting our customers through COVID-19 – and tips to ride out the storm

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The LockedOn team has been closely monitoring the ongoing issues with Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact it has on all of us. We would like to reassure you that your needs as a customer – and the well-being of our employees – are top priority.


Serving our customers

We are happy to announce there will be no disruption to our email, phone and live chat support channels. Additionally, our technical operations, as well as the teams supporting our systems and products remain available and committed to delivering best in class products and service. Our training and sales teams will be available via remote conference as needed. We have also been assured by our upstream suppliers that there will be no significant disruptions to service, and many have bolstered their offerings to ensure smooth operations.


Protecting our team

We’ve made sure to take the necessary steps to protect our employee’s health and well-being. The nature of our industry and our company setup allows our employees to work remotely. Our technical and support teams have embraced this, and have remote access to our company infrastructure and tools as needed. This allows us to continue providing the high level of support you expect from us.


How your agency can ride out the storm

Don’t forget – every crisis ends. Here are a few ways you can ride out the storm, remain strong and innovate during these uncertain times.

Build and nurture your database
When things get back to normal (hopefully quickly), folks will be looking for an agent to help them buy or sell or both. Focus on building your list. Treat each contact like money in the bank – because it is. Provide value and look for ways to engage people in your community. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are perfect for this.

Set yourself up with the best technology and tools
Now is the time to implement the latest remote technologies available. Make sure you have the best virtual tours in your marketplace. Have your digital signing software (such as DocuSign) set up and ready to go. Live broadcast auctions as well as virtual appraisals are other innovative solution which are being embraced by the community. Be creative, make sure you have the latest online tools and you’ll be in a great position to service your customers.

Systemise your business
The system is the solution. 90% of what we do in real estate is repeatable – and the best offices and agents are run by a system. Set up your systems and you’re done. Set up your DNA plans, letters, texts and emails in LockedOn. Set up your regular templates in Jigglar. Look for ways to automate and systemise everything you do.


We’re in this together

We thank you for your continued trust in us. We’re in this together – and rest assured that the LockedOn team will continue to perform at our best. We wish you, your team and your family the best during this time – keep safe, healthy and calm during this period. We will keep you up to date with any changes as we work through this together.


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