This week, LockedOn co-founder Luke Newton had a great catch-up with a top performing agent and her team, and he was explaining the power of self-qualification with the large buyer database they have.

It’s quite easy to get anxious about how large your buyer database is (or will become), and how much work it is to keep current. The beauty of self-qualification with buyers is that we can really make the most of our time by speaking to buyers that are active and interested.

For many years, this agent and her team have been consistently sending just listed emails for all new listings to the buyers that match – which as we know is a real estate standard. However, the part they were missing was the follow-up call to buyers who, through their interactions, have told them they are interested by opening the email and clicking the View Online button.

The specific agent was getting open rates of over 55% on these emails – which is well above our industry average of approximately 23% we find.

So, having a exceptionally responsive email list of buyers is just providing more and more qualified calls.

The process we implemented after the session with the team is as follows – her her assistants will now review every just listed email sent after 24 hours, filter the list to the buyers who opened it, and call them using the unique Hit List feature we have in LockedOn.

We’re positive the team are going to see some amazing results speaking to buyers that have self-qualified as interested, and we are keen to hear their results over the next few months.

If you are looking to implement this process into your business, check out our tutorial here. it’s very easy to get started and super effective. Looking to give LockedOn a test-drive? Book your demo here – and always be thinking: “how can I be making higher converting calls?”

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