A strong CRM and database are the foundation of any real estate career – and for those who maintain a clean and up-to-date CRM, Just Sold marketing to pipeline sellers is one of the highest converting contacts you can have with your database. It is an inexpensive and very efficient way to build and maintain a rock-solid relationship with your pipeline, and if done consistently and correctly can be your highest converting activity.

The LockedOn team have pioneered a two-phase Just Sold marketing process – using targeted groups and bulk marketing tools, it’s designed to build a foundation of trust with your database, maintain consistent contact and help ensure that when the time comes for them to sell, you’ll be the first (and only) agent they want for the job.

Whether you’re a seasoned ‘Just Sold’ veteran or just getting started with this type of marketing, we recommend diving in and taking a look.

Phase 1 – SMS to inform enquiries and inspections

After every sale, SMS all buyers that have enquired or inspected the property and inform them the property is now sold, ensuring you filter out your purchaser from the message. Use this message to inform them that while this property is sold, you will stay on the hunt for their perfect home. Also, be sure to ask them if they have found something else in the meantime to let you know. Some agents disclose the sold price in this message, and some ask them to call for more details on the sale – It’s up to you.

Phase 2 – Target your pipeline

Now it’s time to target your potential sellers in LockedOn with a three-step marketing process. Here’s how you do it:

  • Step 1 – Hit the phones: Find all the Potential, Appraised and Taken Off Market (your pipeline) you have in the same street as the sale and surrounding streets and call these contacts – ideally making around 20-30 calls about the sale. The HitList feature in LockedOn allows you to group these contacts into a step-by-step list and make these calls quick and easy.
  • Step 2 – Send an SMS: Find all the Potential, Appraised and Taken off-market properties you have in that suburb and send the owners an SMS letting them know about the sale.
  • Step 3 – Send a letter: While this step is optional, it’s another great point of contact – send a high-quality printed letter to your pipeline. Highlight your photo and agency logo, the Sold price and a call to action asking them if they would like to know the new price of their home.
Good things take time – Stay consistent and build relationships

You may not see instant results from Just Sold marketing. This is about the long game – sowing the seeds now to reap the rewards in the future. Building a relationship with your database takes time, but with consistent contact and maintaining a clean database, it can become your greatest listing generator. Keep taking names, stay in regular contact with your database and the rewards will come.

Extending beyond your own listings

For those that want to take their Just Sold marketing to a new level. If other agents in your office aren’t taking the initiative to do Just Sold marketing, don’t be afraid to use this method for their sales too. With so much opportunity lying with each sale, you need to take every initiative to stay ahead of the pack. List and sell!

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