Why is LockedOn the software for you?

We’re guessing you are here because you’re looking for a CRM (Client Relationship Management) system to empower your real estate career. You’ve probably looked at a few and are deciding which one is best for you. So what make’s LockedOn stand out from the crowd?


Firstly, why is a good CRM so important?

There’s every chance, someone in your area woke up this morning and decided to call in a local agent to help them sell. If you didn’t get that call, it’s can only because they haven’t heard about you yet.

In today’s world of frantic social networking and the expectation of almost instant results, the best real estate software is one that helps you reach out and connect with more potential sellers to not only start relationships – but keep them.

We believe a good real estate CRM is the planet around which your entire real estate system revolves. It’s the central engine that drives the one thing that breeds long and lasting success: Relationships – and leveraging technology to maintain these relationships will give you the edge over your competition.

Today, real estate’s top agents focus on relationships. It’s who you’re talking to and the relationships you’re forging today that result in listings and sales tomorrow.

LockedOn helps you build relationships.

After more than ten years building real estate software, we’ve been able to make some valuable observations. We know there’s a direct and proven link between the number of contacts an agent retains and regularly communicates with, and the amount of commission earned.

That’s why we’ve built a platform that systemises and automates communication. LockedOn comes pre-built with battle-tested follow-up plans, email / SMS templates and letters (or you can create your own), which you can set and forget to your contacts to make you a household name in your area before you even arrive in the office.

But we’re about more than just communication. LockedOn has all the tools and options to run manage your pipeline, listings, marketing, commissions and everything in between, for individual agents right up to entire franchises.

We also know the tools that agents actually use, produce results. Great technology inspires greater productivity. With this in mind, LockedOn is super easy to use with simple, intuitive workflows, offering an enhanced user experience.

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