In 2023, LockedOn completed close to one million automated actions – saving over 48,000 hours for high-performing agents across Australia & New Zealand. To put it another way, that’s 5.5 years of productive time reclaimed for listing and selling. Pretty big indeed.

These actions cover every aspect of the property lifecycle, from enquiry response through to post-settlement. The effect is two-fold; one is saving time every day of course, but also building consistency – and this pays dividends in all aspects of your real estate career.

The importance of real estate automation

In the recent Elite Agent article “How agents can get more out of their CRMs in 2024”, LockedOn co-founder Iain French discussed the important of consistent communication – and highlighting that those without a well-managed and automated CRM will never reach their potential as a real estate professional.

“A good CRM can make thousands of points of contact for you every month on autopilot, taking care of the ‘busy work’ for you,” Iain says.

“If you’re not embracing automation in your business, the agents that are will leave you in the dust.”

There are so many of the “little” tasks that we know need to be done every day, many of which are simple yet tedious and time consuming – meaning that they often don’t get completed consistently. Automation bridges this gap.

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