With 98% open rates, instant delivery, and encouraging instantaneous replies directly to your phone, selling to buyers or managing listings from sellers becomes a smooth, free-flowing process. SMS is a powerful way to engage your database, quickly and easily.

There are various use cases for SMS messages, such as alerting buyers to a brand-new property for sale that matches their criteria or sale price. You could also let owners know about properties recently sold on their street or new open houses.

Working with one of Australia’s leading real estate coaches Aaron Shiner, we’ve prepared a guide to SMS for real estate, with proven SMS templates that you can start using right away to engage your database, book listing appointments, and connect with potential buyers all through the year – including the SMS template that produced $136k in commission over three months, from a $250 investment (a 500x ROI).

All you need to do is copy and paste, update the template to suit, and click send. In under a minute, you can engage thousands of contacts with a personalized message that can achieve instant results.

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