With Spring just around the corner, now is the time to lay the groundwork to get appraisals and win listings. This Spring, however, there are some unique opportunities – with the election behind us and interest rates dropping to a record low, you can inform your potential sellers that they can now get the results they seek – and there is no better time to get back on the market.

If you are looking to get great results this Spring, it’s critical that take advantage of this right now and engage with your database of withdrawn listings. Aaron Shiner has created two powerful templates that you can easily send to your database to make this happen. Here they are with our compliments.

Campaign one – SMS to your warm pipeline

A quick and easy way to contact the warm contacts in your pipeline database with a powerful message – and a 97% open rate.

“Hi FirstName, with the recent interest rate drops, interest rates are at record lows and with money this cheap, buyers can afford to go that extra $20,000 and lock into a low rate to buy the home they want. So, If you want to know the NEW value of your property just reply to this message and I can give you an update. (Real Estate values have changed) Regards AgentName”

Campaign two – Withdrawn/expired listings letter

A simple letter informing the expired/withdrawn listings from other agents in your area that the market has rebounded, and that new buyers are on the market – and with interest rates so low, are willing to go that extra mile to lock in the home they seek. Tweak this letter to suit your business and add your merge tags as needed.

Download the letter

These campaigns are with our complements and we wish you all the best with the Spring selling season. List and sell!

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