Thank you to everyone who attended our live webinar on generating leads through automation! We had hundreds of agents attend the webinar and the response was overwhelmingly positive. For those who missed it, we’ve recorded the webinar so you catch up at any time to see how automation. Check out the replay below.

Picture this – You arrive at the office, and all your scheduled emails and SMS’s are completed and sent for the day. All your web enquiries are contacted immediately, behind the scenes, and they receive an OFI reminder automatically before the weekend. You’re doing thousands of touchpoints to your database a month on autopilot.

Automation is like having a team of personal assistants working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week completing thousands of tasks for you every month.

In this webinar replay, leading real estate coach Aaron Shiner and LockedOn CEO Luke Newton will take you through the 12 steps to automation – which will help you generate more leads, win more listings, and make more sales. Check it out below. List and sell!

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