Right now, the real estate market is changing fast – and agents everywhere are scrambling to adapt to the changing market. 2019 is shaping up to be a massive game-changer, and for a lot of agents, it will be the toughest in a decade. We’re not saying that to scare you, but it’s simply the reality of what is happening in many markets right now.

So to help you not only to survive but thrive in a changing market, LockedOn co-founder Aaron Shiner conducted a live webinar on how to sell a lot of properties in a changing market. This covered the essentials to ensure you are market-fit for the next 12 months ahead. The webinar was completely booked out – but we have the replay ready to go! You can check it out below.

The topics covered in the webinar include:
  • How to close the massive gaps between what vendors want and the market will pay
  • How to implement The Price Improvement System (price adjustments in a changing market)
  • How to protect your fee and negotiate a higher commission
  • How to implement a world-class vendor management system to lower your days on the market, and increase your listing to sale ratio to help exceed your vendor’s expectations.
  • How to negotiate the highest possible price from a buyer to bring the sale together.
  • The 5 step negotiation process to get offers accepted when working with buyers.

We believe (in fact we have proven) there are some MASSIVE opportunities in this market – as most agents have never experienced challenging conditions. Even if your market is firing on all cylinders, you’ll still get some very cool ideas and strategies that will help you win more listings and make more sales. So grab a pen and paper, click play on the video below and get ready to thrive in 2019.

Watch the replay here

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