Think of it like this: if you were tasked with bringing water to a village, you could grab buckets of water one by one (think endless cold calls and unproductive busy work), or you could build a pipeline (a well-organised database) that brings a steady flow of leads.

The “bucket agent” might seem to be winning in the short term, but the “pipeline agent” is quietly building a system for long-term success. We’ve teamed up with Australia & NZ’s leading real estate coach Aaron Shiner to show you how you can stop filling buckets and build your pipeline. Check out the video below.

The hunter-gatherer agent

On top of building your pipeline, being a real estate agent means you need to adopt the hunter-gatherer approach – hunting for immediate opportunities, but also cultivating your farm (i.e. your database), for long-term growth. This gives you the best of both worlds.

The six steps to building your pipeline with LockedOn

To succeed in real estate, you must build and nurture your database. There are no shortcuts, and it’s easy to chase the quick wins i.e. filling buckets. But the results are always worth the effort in the long term. Here is how you can build your pipeline in LockedOn.

1. Systemise every repeatable action

It takes time and effort to set up – and once set up, it takes time to see the fruits of your work. But systemising all your actions within your CRM (such as sales anniversaries, and post-appraisal follow-up) will yield amazing long-term results. SMS messages and emails will be sent automatically, you will know exactly who to call (and when).

The upshot – LockedOn comes with pre-built, automated follow-up plans and templates that you can install with a single click and modify to suit your needs. With LockedOn, you’re 80% of the way already.

2. Set up your automation

If you’re not embracing automation in your business, then your competitors will leave you in the dust. Your CRM can make thousands of points of contact for you every month on autopilot, nurturing your database for you, while you focus on listing and selling.

  • Auto-responders to web enquiries e.g.
  • Post-OFI follow-up via SMS and email
  • Weekly open-home reminders
  • Birthday SMS and email to clients (a great way to connect with your clients)

Setting up automation within LockedOn can be done in minutes, with just a few clicks. Book your one-on-one demo here to see how it’s done.

3. Use technology to nurture your buyers

Today’s buyers are tomorrow’s sellers – and the impression you leave your buyers when they walk through your opens will make all the difference when they are selecting an agent for the sale of their home. Treat every client you meet as a potential seller.

  • Become the technology agent – if your buyer has a great experience with you (such as getting an auto-responder immediately after their online enquiry with a welcome video from you, an OFI reminder and amazing post-OFI follow-up) then they will trust you to sell their home when the time comes
  • Using the Buyer Portal feature can keep your buyer database up-to-date automatically – with a regular automated email being sent to buyers with a step-by-step workflow prompting them to keep their details current.
4. Maintain regular contact

It takes 24 points of contact to build trust with a client – and a well-oiled CRM is vital to achieving this milestone. Ensure all your clients are on follow-up plans based on their status in your pipeline, make sure you’re completing 20 calls a day to your database and send regular market updates and other useful information on a regular basis. So many agents miss the mark with keeping contact, and if you’re on top of this, you’ll be the agent they call first when it’s time to sell.

5. Create meaningful, engaging content

Time to leave your comfort zone – create video content for your digital pre-listing kit, engage your community with competitions and giveaways, build your social media presence, and send personalised market updates to your potential sellers. This will help you build trust before you step foot in the sellers home.

6. Build positive habits – and be consistent

It takes 30 days to create a new habit. Take time every day to update and nurture your database as needed – tag your clients, group your properties and keep your database clean. Future you will thank you.

Let’s get started!

The team at LockedOn have helped thousands of agents across Australia and New Zealand build their pipelines – and we would love the opportunity to work with you to systemise your agency. It’s time to stop filling buckets. Book your one-on-one demo and let’s get started. Let’s list and sell!

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