The Aaron Shiner Real Estate Business Plan

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If you want to go to the next level in your real estate career, sometimes you need to do away with all the high-tech stuff and go back to basics – starting with a pen, calculator and simple, straight-forward and effective business plan. And we’re here to help you make this happen.

When people hear the words “business plan”, they typically think of a 50 page document that has taken months to prepare – full of charts, projections, tables and other dry materials – which is great in some situations, but is a daunting task and often so overdone it becomes ineffective. So we’ve done away with complicated, mind-bending business plans and brought it back to basics.

Aaron Shiner and the team at LockedOn have created a simplified real estate business plan template, where you can outline your key goals for the year, areas of improvement, your mission statement, and the exact figures you need to reach to achieve your goals. It’s as simple as that.

Whether you’re just starting in the industry or are a seasoned agent, anyone can benefit from this business plan. So if you’re looking to win more listings and achieve your commission goals for the year, download the business plan below and get started.

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