As we know, many buyers and sellers have been sitting back to see the results of the Federal election – so a post-election market is almost always very active, and we think this time will be no different.

To help you capitalise on this unique marketing opportunity, Aaron Shiner and the team at LockedOn have developed a specific two-step campaign to target both sellers in your database and also your farm area, who may have been holding off selling until the election had finished.

First step – engage your database

This one’s easy – send the below SMS/Text message to your database. It’s a GREAT way to engage your pipeline of potential sellers to let them know post-election is a great time to sell. Here’s the SMS template that my coaching clients will be sent to their database of pipeline sellers – feel free to change and edit it to suit your personality and style.

“Hi FirstName, Now that the election is over… LET’S GET BACK TO BUSINESS! Since the election we have noticed an increase in buyer enquiry with many looking to secure a property before the end of the financial year, If you’re thinking about selling in the next 18 months, call me and we’ll set up a time to meet. Cheers AgentName”

Next step – engage your farm area

Now that your database has been engaged, it’s time to get the word out to your farm area. To achieve this, here is a marketing flyer that you can drop to your farm area to generate more listing appointments today. You can download it here.

This campaign is with our complements – so pay it forwards and share with your fellow agents, and build some post-election momentum. For those across the pond – even though there wasn’t an election in NZ this month, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of valuable content you can start using to get more listings today.

Real Estate Mastermind

LockedOn Co-founder and Director Aaron Shiner is now available for coaching and speaking engagements – and his upcoming event Real Estate Mastermind is a challenging and rewarding 2-day session, designed to cover the four key areas of real estate. This one-on-one coaching session in a private setting will help you uncover and clear the blockages to your success. It’s where the best go to get better. Contact Aaron to find out more.

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