Spring is the IDEAL time to fill your listings pipeline for the next 6 months. Sellers are ready to go. All they need is the right agent to ‘reach out’ to them at the right time… which is NOW. Just yesterday, one of our clients sent this SMS to their database they received 120+ replies, 25 people asking for an updated market value and a new listing… all within one hour, from one SMS. Her phone was going so crazy she had to set it to DND.

Here is an SMS template that can help you re-connect with your seller database and book more listing appointments:

Hi Recipient Name, The Real Estate market is now in full swing as we have entered the peak selling season (Spring), we have been very busy with buyers returning to the market. In the past X days we have SOLD X properties with some buyers offering OVER the listed asking price and we still have buyers leftover that are looking to secure a property, If you would like to know the NEW post-COVID value of your property, just reply to this message and I can give you an update. Regards Agent Name

It’s got me stumped why so many agents experiment with expensive new-fangled ideas instead of just copying one that works. If you want to book more listing appointments, can I suggest you simply send this SMS template to your database and get the jump on your competition?

List and sell!

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