With EOFY fast approaching (and interest rates on the rise), now is the perfect time to connect with your database to provide an EOFY health check and a new market value for their home.

Teaming up with leading real estate coach and LockedOn co-founder Aaron Shiner, we’ve created a three-step campaign to help you generate more leads before the conclusion of the financial year.

Without further ado, here are the templates and as always, these are a starting point – feel free to tweak and update these templates to suit your personal style and brand. These templates are also available in the Events pack within LockedOn, which you can install in a single click – more on that below. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Farm area letter 📬

To kick things off, we’ve prepared a letter to send to your farm area, inviting them to book an appointment with you to discover the new value of their home. This letter is a starting point – be sure to add your details and branding as needed.

The team at Jigglar have also prepared a beautiful ‘EOFY health check’ flyer which you can customize and download in minutes. You can start your free trial now at jigglar.com.

Download letter template
Visit Jigglar.com

Step 2: Health check email ✉️

Next step – our ‘EOFY health check’ email. This email features a powerful call to action, prompting your potential sellers to discover the new value of their home.

Subject: End of financial year health check

Hi [FirstName],

It’s almost THAT time of year again!

So why not find out what your property is worth? (Real estate values have increased!)

Property prices in [Location] (and in particular [Target Area]) have increased dramatically in the last year.

Many property owners use this time of year to find out how much their home is worth, so we’re offering our free appraisal service to every home in your area.

Why not take this opportunity to let us give you a free opinion?

Each appraisal takes less than 15 minutes as we plan to complete a street per day.

What’s in it for you?
– A current market value opinion of your property
– A detailed market report of property sold in your area in the last 6 months

When will we be in your street?
– Appraisals for [Target Area] are scheduled for [Day/Date] to [Day/Date]

How do you book a Free Appraisal?
Just call [AgentName] at [AgentOffice] on [AgentMobile].

We’re looking forward to meeting and helping with your real estate goals.

Step 3: SMS 📱

Last but not least – an SMS template to send to your potential sellers. With an open rate of approx. 98%, SMS messages are a fantastic way to connect with your database effectively, in minutes.

Hi FirstName, it’s been a while since we’ve spoken, and obviously so much is happening in the market right now with interest rates going up again recently. A lot of my clients use this time of the year to get an update on the value of their home, so if you would like to know the new value of your property, please reply to this SMS and we can arrange a time to catch up. Regards AgentName, Agency

Download and send using LockedOn

These templates are pre-built and ready to install today in LockedOn right away. Simply go to Engine > Packs and install the Events pack (or if it’s already installed, the templates will be in your account). The template names are:

  • June 2023 EOFY campaign – Letter
  • June 2023 EOFY campaign – Email
  • June 2023 EOFY campaign – SMS

We’ve also prepared a quick video on how to install these templates (in a single click) as well as step-by-step instructions on how to send these templates. Check it out below.

List and sell!

We hope you found value in this campaign and wish you all the best for the new financial year! If you would like to find out more about LockedOn, your can book your one-on-one demo here.

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