As we know, many buyers and sellers have been sitting back to see the results of the upcoming Federal election. A post-election market is almost always very active, and we believe this time will be no different.

To help you capitalise on this unique marketing opportunity, LockedOn co-founder Aaron Shiner has developed a specific three-step campaign to target both sellers in your database and also farm area who may have been holding off selling until the election had finished.

Firstly, let’s engage your database with the below SMS and templates – it’s a GREAT way to engage your pipeline of potential sellers to let them know post-election is a great time to sell. For our LockedOn subscribers, these templates have been pre-loaded into every LockedOn account and are ready for you to tweak and send right away.

Step 1: SMS

LockedOn template name: Post election campaign 2022 – SMS

Hi FirstName, now the election is over let’s get back to business. Right now we have new buyers that are entering the market trying to secure a property before interest rates continue to increase in the coming months. If you would like to know the NEW post-election value of your property, please reply to this message and we’ll set up a time to meet. Regards, AgentName

Step 2: Email

LockedOn template name: Post election campaign 2022 – Email

SUBJECT: Now that the election is over… LET’S GET BACK TO BUSINESS

Hi FirstName,

Many buyers I am working closely with are very active post-election and are keen to secure a property now before interest rates continue to rise in the coming months.

A post-election market never lasts forever.  In the coming months, the number of properties for sale will quickly grow to meet buyer demand.  Prices will not be as good because buyers will have more choices and interest rates are on the way up.  Long story short… Your time is now.

If you’re looking to sell in the coming year, there has NEVER been a better time.  Here’s why!

  • Typically, a looming election tends to freeze the economy and real estate in particular because people prefer to wait and see what happens before making big financial decisions.  But now that the election is behind us, it’s game on!
  • New buyers are entering the market every day and they’re hungry.  With the current undersupply of properties on the market, we are seeing strong demand in many markets.
  • Interest rates are still very low so buyers are taking advantage. With interest rates this cheap, buyers can afford to go that extra $20,000 and lock into a low rate to buy the home they want.

If you would like to discover the NEW post-election value of your property please call me on (you’re mobile) and we’ll set up a time to meet.



Step 3: Letterbox drop/DL flyer

Secondly, let’s engage your farm area – Now that your database has been engaged, it’s time to get the word out to your farm area. To achieve this, here is a marketing flyer (from our friends at Jigglar) that you can drop to your farm area to generate more listing appointments today.

To access the second page of the post-election template (and hundreds of templates like it, which you can customize to your brand’s colours look, and feel), create a free account today.

This campaign is with our compliments – so pay it forward and share with your fellow agents, and build some post-election momentum. For those across the pond – even though there wasn’t an election in NZ this month, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of valuable content you can start using to get more listings today.

List and sell!

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