The time has arrived, and we are in the peak selling season of Spring – making it the perfect time to reconnect with your past appraisals from the first half of this year and book more appointments.

To help you do this, Aaron Shiner and the team at LockedOn have prepared a three-step campaign (including templates and scripts) to help you book more appointments immediately. Let’s get started!

LockedOn users: we’ve created a quick video tutorial on how to complete the steps below – using our search and group tools, our bulk SMS and merge system with a pre-installed template, and the LockedOn Hitlist feature. You can check it out here.

First up – identify your past appraisals

This campaign is targeted at your past appraisals from the first six months of 2022 (from 1st January to 30th June 2022), who haven’t signed with an agent. Identify this list in your CRM (here’s how to do it in LockedOn) and prepare for step one.

Step 1: Send SMS

The first step of this campaign is to send an SMS to these appraisals, updating them on the current state of the market and advising them that now is the time to sell. Feel free to tweak this template to suit your requirements and your personal brand.

Hi FirstName, AgentName from Agency here. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, and obviously so much is happening in the Spring market right now. A lot of my clients use this time to get an update on the value of their home, so if you would like to know the new Spring value of your property, please reply to this SMS and we can arrange a time to catch up.

LockedOn users: Good news – this SMS template is already in your account. The template name is Spring SMS – 2022, with merge fields ready to go. Tweak as needed and send away to start booking in appraisals.

Step 2: Phone call

The next step is to reach out and call your past appraisals. The key points to deliver on your call are:

  • That Spring, the peak selling season, has arrived
  • Addressing concerns around interest rates and the effect on buyers
  • How you can achieve strong results for them.

We’ve prepared a script for you to use when making your calls. Keep these scripts handy when making your calls:

  • “It’s been a while since we’ve had a chat, so I thought I’d just give you a call because we have now entered the peak selling season of Spring. Spring is typically/traditionally the best time of the year to sell, because we see buyer activity increase – and early signs indicate that this year will be no different.”
  • The second thing that we have started to notice is there are a lot of buyers starting to come out who are now getting over the initial shock of rising interest rates, and realizing they need to be into a new property by the end of the year
  • “We typically see strong results and prices achieved at this time of the year. So here at AgencyName have put together a Spring Selling Plan that can show you how we can get you a premium result.”

LockedOn users: Use the LockedOn Hitlist feature to quickly create a list of contacts to call, which gives you a workflow to easily make your calls – that you can save and revisit at any time.

Step 3: Send Spring report

For those who aren’t looking to book an appointment right now, send them a Spring Report. This report provides an overview of your market, your recent success, and testimonials, which provides a valuable touch point for your clients.

Tip: The team at Jigglar have prepared a beautiful Spring market review template, which you can easily create and customize to suit your needs with their easy-to-use online tools. Take a look at Jigglar and create your Spring report now.

List and sell!

We hope you found value in this campaign, and we look forward to hearing your results. Please make sure to pass this campaign on to anyone you feel would find value in this and are looking to achieve some immediate results this Spring. List and sell!

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