With the end of the financial year looming, take this opportunity to open more doors and book more listing appointments. EOFY is an excellent time to win listings, and a great excuse to reach out to valued clients and pipeline sellers to tell them how strong the market currently is.

EOFY is when homeowners begin to think about how much their home is worth – so make sure it’s YOU who they are calling. Working alongside high-performance sales trainer Aaron Shiner, we have created a two-step marketing campaign to help you attract genuine sellers in your area this financial year.

We have created a personalised email template and an SMS message that work great together – and the best part – these templates are available in every LockedOn account, right now. All you need to do is tweak these to suit your area and your own personal style, and you can launch your campaign in minutes.

Here are the two steps – send your email first, then fire off your text message 5 to 7 days after that. A quick, easy and effective way to book more listing appointments this financial year. Here are the templates below – if you are already using LockedOn, these templates are already preloaded into your account.

Step one – email

LockedOn template name: EOFY two-step campaign – Email

SUBJECT: End of financial year health check

Hi First Name,

It’s almost THAT time of year again!

So why not find out what your property is worth? (Real estate values have increased!)

Property prices in AREA (and in particular {Target Area}) have increased dramatically in the last year.

Many property owners use this time of year to find out how much their home is worth, so we’re offering our free appraisal service to every home in your area.

Why not take this opportunity to let us give you a free opinion?

Each appraisal takes less than 15 minutes as we plan to complete a street per day.

What’s in it for you?
– A current market value opinion of your property
– A detailed market report of property sold in your area in the last 6 months

When will we be in your street?
– Appraisals for {Target Area} are scheduled for {Day/Date} to {Day/Date}

How do you book a Free Appraisal?
Just call Agent Name at Office Name on 0404 000 111.

We’re looking forward to meeting and helping with your real estate goals.

Kind regards,

Step two – SMS

LockedOn template name: EOFY two-step campaign – SMS

Hi First Name, I hope you’re well. Did you get the email I sent you last week about finding out the NEW value of your property? Many people use this time of year (end of financial year) to get their property paperwork in order, if you want to know what your property is worth, just reply to this message and I can give you an update (real estate values have increased). Regards Agent Name – Office Name

Installing this template pack

As mentioned before, these templates are ready to go in every LockedOn account as part of the Aaron Shiner Pack – just tweak to suit your area and requirements and send to your pipeline sellers. Easy!

If you’re looking for a super-fast and easy way to send bulk email and SMS messages to your database, take a look at LockedOn – a powerful real estate CRM and marketing platform that allows you to send personalised marketing to your entire database in minutes. Speak to the team and give it a try for free.

Also, make sure to pay it forward and share this campaign with a colleague who needs to see it. List and sell!

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